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Academia de inglés en Córdoba, Andalucía

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  • El uso de mascarilla es obligatorio dentro del centro. 

  • Hemos reducido nuestro aforo en cada clase y lo vamos ajustando según las nuevas normas. 

  • Desinfección y limpieza diaria de nuestras instalaciones así como después de cada clase. 

  • Ventilación tanto artificial como natural.

Exámenes de Cambridge

Cambridge English Qualifications are one of the world’s most prestigious language exams. Their results are recognised by more than 25 000 organizations in 130 countries around the world among which belong prominent educational institutions and multinational companies. The Cambridge exams assess the candidate’s level in all major skills and serve as a proof of their general language knowledge.

Una academia, muchas idiomas

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Clases en línea

The world has turned into a “global village”. All you need to attend the class is an electronic device and good Internet connection. Unplanned business trip, holiday out of the town or living in another city or country ? Now it’s not a problem/Don’t worry. No distance can prevent you from connecting/learning with us.


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